東北整練株式会社 工場紹介

山形県米沢市で染色業を営んできた創業76年の東北整練(株)で企画製作された『C-irrinD シリンド』のスカートを紹介します。
Introducing the skirt of "C-irrinD ", which was planned and produced by Tohoku Seiren Co., Ltd., which was founded in 1976 and has been engaged in the dyeing business in Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture.

Yonezawa City, Yamagata Prefecture, is a textile production that boasts a history and tradition of about 220 years during the Edo period.

MADE IN YONEZAWAにこだわり、織り・染め・仕上げ・縫製まで米沢で一貫して製作しています。様々なシーンに多用できるデザイン性を取り入れた最高品質のスカートブランドです。
We are particular about MADE IN YONEZAWA, and we consistently manufacture in Yonezawa city from weaving, dyeing, finishing and sewing. It is the highest quality skirt brand that incorporates a design that can be widely used in various scenes.