n.number デザイナー紹介

三上 直美さん
2015年 SIMPLE SENSEを設立。
2016年 素材の本質をシンプルに生かすことを大切にしたブランド『n.number』(エヌ・ナンバー)を立ち上げました。

Naomi Mikami
Graduated from Bunka Fashion College.
For 21 years, we have been working on luxury bags as MD under the bag brand.
From the desire to "make a bag that the person who owns it can stay naturally"
Established SIMPLE SENSE in 2015.
Bags and accessories that are simple, elegant, and casual have three elements that are unlikely. I am making it with the intention of raising my daily mood a little more than just one day's extraordinary feeling.
In 2016, we launched the brand "n.number" that emphasizes the simple use of the essence of materials.
With the brand policy of "essence is simple and beautiful," we are striving to create products that aim to raise the mood of users and make them look more beautiful.